Mindo 1 Day

  • Destination: Mindo
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Price: $ 45 Fridays

Mindo is a mountainous watershed situated in the western slopes of the Andes, where two of the most biologically diverse ecoregions in the world meet: the Chocoan lowlands and the Tropical Andes. In this transitional area — which covers an area of 268 square kilometers (103 sq mi) and ranges from 960–3,440 metres (3,150–11,290 ft) above sea level — three rivers (Mindo, Saloya and Cinto) and hundreds of streams irrigate the landscape, which consists of a patchwork of cloud forests, secon

Day 1

Leaving Quito at 8:00am, we will make our way North and start off our tour by visiting the Equator monument (Mitad Del Mundo), the nearby volcanic crater Pululahua, Intiñan and the town of CalaCalí, where the original equator line lies. Onece we’ve arrived to Mindo, we’ll have a short walk through the cloud forest, and visit the butterfly and hummingbird reserves, and the orchid garden that lies aoutside. We will then go to the canopy (zip line) and, depending on the tourists requests, proceed to go down the 2km long zip line, this will take aproximately an hour. Then we will make our way deeper into the cloud forest and see a beautiful waterfall in the area of Nambillo in the middle of the forest itself. Returning back to Quito at about 6:00pm.

Included: Not Included:
  • Lunch
  • Naturalist Bilingual Guide
  • Private Transportation
  • Entrance Fees ($3 – butterfly and hummingbird reserves $15 - Canopy)
  • Extra Costs (Snacks, drinks, etc.)
Mindo 1 Day Mindo 1 Day Mindo 1 Day Mindo 1 Day