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  • Duration: 4 days
  • Price: $250

Cuyabeno National Reserve. Over 500 species of birds, 450 species of fish, 12,000 plant species, and hundreds of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians can be found in this diverse ecosystem. Our mission is to promote ecotourism in an environmentally and culturally safe manner in order to present Cuyabeno’s beauty to its visitors. We offer standard four or five-day tours to our native-style cabins as well as longer adventure tours through the mysterious waters of Cuyabeno and into Peru. Join us as

This area of Ecuador is not only in a region that is volcano-intensive but it also benefits from the formation of many natural hot springs. Nearly 12 years ago, a group of Ecuadorian investors decided to take advantage of the area's natural beauty and miraculous healing waters. Thus the Thermal baths were born.

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  • Duration: 1 days
  • Price: $50

Mindo is a mountainous watershed situated in the western slopes of the Andes, where two of the most biologically diverse ecoregions in the world meet: the Chocoan lowlands and the Tropical Andes. In this transitional area — which covers an area of 268 square kilometers (103 sq mi) and ranges from 960–3,440 metres (3,150–11,290 ft) above sea level — three rivers (Mindo, Saloya and Cinto) and hundreds of streams irrigate the landscape, which consists of a patchwork of cloud forests, secon