At the moment the trips to the Cotopaxi summit are suspended due to volcanic activity, an alternative is the Cayambe volcano that has similar characteristics
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Cotopaxi Climbing 2 Days

  • Destination: Cotopaxi
  • Duration: 2 Day
  • Price: $ 310

With an altitude of 5,897 meters above sea level, Cotopaxi is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world; only competing against two other volcanoes for the title. Cotopaxi was also once worshiped by Ecuador’s ancient civilizations, thought to be the bringer of rain and prosperous crops; and the top of Cotopaxi was considered to be where God resided. It was first climbed in 1872, and the ascent has only gotten a lot more popular since then.

Day 1
Leaving Quito at 10:00 am with your guide, we will make our way into the Cotopaxi National Park and up to the refuge center with our gear. After lunch, we will put on the gear and go through a glacier training course with the guide before having dinner and resting until midnight.
Day 2
Our climb to the summit will begin at approximately 1:00 am and will take five hours to reach the top. The return climb takes approximately two to three hours. Return to Quito around 2 pm.
Included: Not Included:
  • 3 meals
  • Certified Mountain Guide
  • Private Transportation
  • Technical Equipment
  • Stay at the Refuge
  • Sleeping Bag, Sunglasses, Backpack(70 liters), Snacks, extra drinks
Cotopaxi Climbing 2 Days Cotopaxi Climbing 2 Days Cotopaxi Climbing 2 Days Cotopaxi Climbing 2 Days