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|Circuit terrestre Ile Isabela
|Yachts Classe Economique
|Yachts classe Touriste
|Yachts Classe Supérieure
|Yachts Première Classe
|Yacht Cormorant II
|Offres de dernières minutes

M/C Seaman II

Facilities and accommodation:

9 large, beautiful and comfortable double cabins with outside views, private bathroom, cold/hot water, locker and closet, comfortable dining room, two bars and a lounge, library, full air conditioning with control in each cabin, TV, DVD, stereo, first aid, ice maker, water purifier, observation deck and spacious sundeck with chairs for sleeping and relaxing.

DAY Destination
Monday: San Cristóbal – León Dormido –Lobos Island
Tueday: Española: Punta Suárez - Gardner Bay
Wednesday: Floreana: Devil’s Crown – Post Office. Punta Cormorant
Thursday: Santa Cruz Island (Charles Darwin Station – Highlands)
Friday: Punta Moreno – Elizabeth Bay
Saturday: Urbina Bay – Punta Espinosa (Fernandina)
Sunday: Bartolomé Island – Seymour North
Monday: Interpretation Center – Airport San Cristobal

Yacht Eden



24 m.

Beam: 6 m.
Engines: 2 Detroit diesel, 2 electricity generators 110 V.
Water Capacity: 2500 Galons
Fuel: 2500 Gallons of diesel

DAY Destination
Sunday: Baltra Airport & Bachas Beach
Monday: North Seymour & Santa Fe 
Tueday: Gardner Bay & Punta Suarez, Hood Island
Wednesday: Punta Cormoran, Floreana Island
Thursday: Santa Cruz Highlands & Charles Darwin Research Station
Friday: Puerto Egas, Santiago & Bartolome
Saturday: Darwin Bay & Prince Philips Step's, Tower
Sunday: Black Turtle Cove & Baltra Airport

Yacht Fragata
Category: First Class
Capacity: 16 passengers
L.O.A: 75 ft.
Beam: 21 ft.
Draft: 12 ft.
Engines: 2 x 200 H.P. Detroit Diesel 8V-71
Generators: 1 x 21 KVA Cummins and
1 x 20 Detroit for 100 and 220 volt; 12 volt DC
Speed: 9 knots cruising

DAY Destination
Friday: Friday to Tuesday (5 days/4 nights)
Saturday: Baltra Apt - Bachas
Sunday: Rábida Is - Bartolomé Is
Monday: Genovesa Is
Tuesday: Plaza Is - Charles Darwin Station
Wednesday: Española Is.
Thursday: Floreana Is.
Friday: North Seymour - Baltra Apt.

Yacht Archipel
Type Solar -Motor Catamarán built with Steel, Glass fibre and Teka wood in 2002
Length 27 m
Width 11m
Depth 1,45 m
Speed 11 knots
Main Engines 2 Cummins 240 hp (IMO)
Crew 8 + 1 Naturalist II guide
Electricity 6 KW Solarenergy and 2 emergency aggregatorsr /110 Volt und 220 Volt
Diving Diving platform 3 x 11 m, has complete diving equipment, snorkelling and seakayaks
DAY Destination
Monday: Flight to Galapagos - San Christobal/ Leon Dormido
Tuesday: Española - Gardner Bay - Punta Suarez
Wednesday: Floreana Island-Post Office Bay - Punta Cormorant
Thursday: Santa Cruz/Estacion Charles Darwin - Highlands
Friday: Isabela Island - Punta Morena - Elisabeth Bay
Saturday Isabela Island - Urbina Bay / Fernandina Island - Punta Espinoza
Sunday Bartolomé Island - Puerto Egas / Seymour North
Monday: Fight Quito or Guayaquil - San Cristobal Island




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